C.A. West Country Events

C.A. West Country Events

Please check back here for updates on C.A. West Country Events.

Attending Cocaine Anonymous West Country Events is a wonderful way to feel unified within the fellowship and to meet fellows from your local area. We are not a glum lot. We absolutely insist on enjoying life.

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This is our annual C.A. Celebrate Around The World event.

At the beginning of March C.A. Areas all across the world celebrate the freedom that C.A. brings globally.

This year we’re delighted and a little bit excited about the return of The Anonymous Players and their fantastic performance of Snow’s White and the Seven Defects.

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Check back here for the latest events as they are announced!

For events in the wider United Kingdom fellowship please see here. For events in the wider fellowship please see here for a list of other CA websites.

Certain information listed herein about the local event, the event location, event activities, and even the host city is included for informational purposes only; so that those attending the event looking for something to do during the event might have that information. The listing of such information here does not, nor should it imply affiliation, cooperation or endorsement of such venues, hotels, or activities by C.A. or by C.A. World Services. If you have further questions or concerns on this matter, please contact the Event Chair.

In the spirit of Tradition Six, C.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution.

CA West Country Events
“C.A. Activities and Conventions
Dances, campouts, picnics and potlucks are just a few of the activities which may be organized by the local C.A. fellowship. Fellowship events help us learn to enjoy such activities sober in a safe and supportive atmosphere, perhaps for the first time.
Conventions are generally on a larger scale, where members may come from other areas or even other countries to participate. Conventions offer the opportunity to attend workshops and hear speakers we might never have heard before, so that we can experience the C.A. message of recovery in a new way.”*
*C.A. Pamphlet: Having fun in recovery.