Tradition One: Our common welfare should come first, personal recovery depends on C.A. Unity.

Unity is a common bond that transcends all differences. We’ve discovered no matter how different our circumstances or the paths that brought us here, we all suffer from the same disease, addiction.

We admitted our lack of power and accepted that we could not recover alone. The strength and direction of our recovery is found in our unity.
We are people who might not have mixed. Addiction and recovery are the threads that bind us. We relate to such feelings as grandiosity, insecurity, jealousy, and false pride and are reminded we are all alike. By sharing our experience with other addicts and working the Twelve Steps of C.A., we come to know humility, security, acceptance, and self-worth.
Recovery is possible–together.
Unity preserves our C.A., fellowship.
Unity preserves our legacy of Hope, Faith, and Courage.
Unity preserves our personal recovery, our reunited families, and our rediscovered dreams.
Simple steps towards this include:
  • Carrying the C.A. message
  • Encouraging the practice of love and tolerance of others
  • Sponsoring workshops, activities and functions that promote unity
  • Enhancing communication among members by emphasising principles before personalities
  • Encouraging participation in service by all members
  • Encouraging greeters to welcome newcomers at all levels
  • Encouraging group inventories
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Statement of Purpose:

The committee is responsible for the communication and outreach among the diverse elements within the Fellowship at all levels, in the interest of carrying the CA message. It is also suggested that this committee sponsors annual workshops and other forums to promote CA unity.