Cocaine Anonymous Events

Information about Cocaine Anonymous events across the West Country Area and wider fellowship.

Unity is one of the three legacies of Cocaine Anonymous and attending activites is one of the many ways to increase unity and to feel a part of the fellowship. Whether it is attending gatherings in the locality or in the wider UK Area.
Recovery is possible–together.
Unity preserves our C.A, fellowship.
Unity preserves our legacy of Hope, Faith, and Courage.
Unity preserves our personal recovery, our reunited families, and our rediscovered dreams.

“C.A. Activities and Conventions
Dances, campouts, picnics and potlucks are just a few of the activities which may be organized by the local C.A. fellowship. Fellowship events help us learn to enjoy such activities sober in a safe and supportive atmosphere, perhaps for the first time.

Conventions are generally on a larger scale, where members may come from other areas or even other countries to participate. Conventions offer the opportunity to attend workshops and hear speakers we might never have heard before, so that we can experience the C.A. message of recovery in a new way.”*
*C.A. Pamphlet: Having fun in recovery.

Each time we make the effort to have open minds, try something new and end up enjoying ourselves, we add to our recovery foundation. As we grow more spiritually fit, we may find we can participate in activities we chose to forego when we first got sober. Before long, it becomes easy to have fun in recovery. Instead of feeling like we are missing out on having a good time, we become grateful for the new opportunities we have to celebrate being happy, joyous and free.**

But we aren’t a glum lot. If newcomers could see no joy or fun in our existence, they wouldn’t want it. We absolutely insist on enjoying life. **
**Alcoholics Anonymous p132.

Cocaine Anonymous West Country District events