Downloadable Meeting List

Here you will find a link to the West Country downloadable meeting list, also known as a Where To Find. This is updated monthly to keep it as up to date as possible. If you notice that a meeting details are incorrect please use the email addresses, or the form found at the bottom of this page.

West Country – current
Devon & Cornwall District

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The Home Group

It is the common experience for many of us to feel like we didn’t fit in anywhere. Drugs gave us that instantaneous feeling of belonging. When we get sober, that druginduced feeling of belonging disappears. Finding a group of sober people we can relate to is a new start for us. We go to meetings as often as possible, preferably every day. Before long, we find we are most comfortable at one particular meeting. Because we feel “at home” there, we join the home group and commit to attending regularly. Other home group members get to know who we are, and we get to know them. We never have to be alone again. On a bad day, we find there is usually someone there who understands and who can help us get through it sober. 

Service Positions

There are a variety of positions that need to be filled at most groups: Chairperson, Secretary, Group Service Representative (GSR), Greeter, Coffee Maker, Chips and Literature Representative, Floor Sweeper and others. All are very important. There is always something you can do, no matter how long you have been sober. Being of service at your home group is a great way to practice being a responsible member of society. The benefits of becoming involved in a home group are more than you can probably imagine. It can be an important part of the process that ultimately keeps us clean and sober.

One of our original members writes, “It occurred to me that when many of us walk through the doors of Cocaine Anonymous for the first time, we do so without hope, without faith, but with an ounce of courage. We listen to the stories and experiences of others and develop hope. As a result of coming back, and coming back, and coming back and working the Twelve Steps, we acquire an abundance of faith.” (Hope, Faith & Courage Volume II, p. 6.) We encourage you to keep going to meetings until you find yourself a home group – and no matter what, keep coming back.