4:00 pm CA Women's Meditation Meeting Women, Online Meeting Online United Kingdom Online Online District CAUK 11th Step Meditation, Closed, Online Meeting, Women
7:00 pm Our Primary Purpose Online Meeting Online Weston-super-Mare Somerset West Country Closed, Online Meeting, Speaker
7:30 pm Harold hill- Speaker Meeting Online Meeting St Georges Church 64 Chippenham Rd Essex Essex Closed, Location Temporarily Closed, Online Meeting, Speaker, Wheelchair Access
7:30 pm Swindon Newcomers St Johns Church 103 Whitbourne Ave Wiltshire Cotswolds Closed, Speaker, Step Meeting, Tradition Study, Wheelchair Access
7:30 pm Our Primary Purpose Location Temporarily Closed The Gainsborough Room, Murrayside Youth and Community Centre Murrayside Youth & Community Centre Suffolk Unaffiliated Big Book, Closed, Literature, Location Temporarily Closed, Newcomer, Speaker, Step Meeting, Wheelchair Access
7:30 pm A New Freedom Online Meeting Waterside Community Church South St Hampshire Hants and Berks Closed, Location Temporarily Closed, Newcomer, Online Meeting, Speaker
7:45 pm 4th Dimension Meeting Online Meeting Tuckton New Church 121 Carbery Ave Dorset South Central Big Book, Closed, Online Meeting
8:00 pm Newcomer Men's meeting Men, Online Meeting Online United Kingdom Online OSA Closed, Discussion, Men, Newcomer, Online Meeting